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By the look of surprise on Amy's face, it was clear to Carla that her mother was acting of her own volition, at least to an extent.

***** Chapter Three - The Plan Carla found her mother sitting on the sofa, her hands shaking as she stared off into the middle distance. Maybe, just maybe, you could tell me a story that might satisfy me about your sudden ... The two sisters started working in tandem, pounding their mum from front and back. That didn't stop Amy, though, and their mother quickly relaxed again to make the penetration easier.

Then Carla set to work washing the carpets and devising an excuse to give to their father about why his wife never returned to their night out.

Amy meanwhile put everything right in the library and James' study.

It was all Carla could do not to cum right away too, but she wanted to let Amy get deeper inside Ava's ass. Amy obviously wanted the same thing, for she pressed forward without waiting for Ava to recover. And through it all Ava gasped and cried in ecstasy.

"She's done anal before," Amy said with another happy laugh. Carla had no idea how long they double penetrated their mother.

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"Mum," she said, "please listen to me." Ava flinched away from her. She will remember nothing of what she has seen." No, Carla thought. She fell forward onto Carla, gasping and moaning into her ear. The harder she fucked Ava, the more Carla tried to match her.

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