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In early 2011, Justin Cucci opened Linger in the former Olinger Mortuary space and everyone thought he was crazy.But Cucci embraced the history of the building, changing the Olinger’s sign to read “linger” and the word “mortuaries” to “eatuaries” while incorporating the building’s history into the restaurant’s design.Here’s the skinny on this new 8,000-square-foot restaurant, bar, and music venue.The team: Since opening Root Down in 2008, Cucci has created a strong team of collaborators to run his restaurants.Bar Director Mike Henderson and Sommelier Sian Nagan will collaborate on the beverage program.The food: The menu is broken down into simple categories: “Hearth Fire Skillet” and “Brothel Boards,” “Soups and Salads,” “Burgers and Sandwiches,” “Entrées,” and “Sweets.” While the menu is straightforward, it’s clear that a great deal of thought went into the ingredients used.Hints of the building’s past can be found in the vintage sex show booths and marquees that celebrate sexuality within the context of the space.Don’t be surprised to soon find naked mannequins, sex toys, and books in the windows of Ophelia’s.

There will also be a DJ Night, weekly burlesque shows, and alternative entertainment from “Iron Chef” challenges to Lip Sync competitions and more.I help individuals find confidence and be comfortable in their own skin so they can live a life that they "want" instead of "should." I am a LGBTQIA friendly and Kink aware therapist.Don't wait any longer to start your journey of happiness and healing.The Brothel Burger for example is made with ostrich meat, which is super healthy and sustainable, and served with Korean barbecue, miso bacon, and pickled vegetables on a pretzel bun–everything is made in-house.The Dry Rub Ribs are English cut Berkshire pork ribs with Carolina Gold mustard and apple slaw.

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