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Experian is also offering free credit monitoring to all U. "I apologize to consumers and our business customers for the concern and frustration this causes." This isn't the biggest data breach in history.That indignity still belongs to Yahoo, which was targeted in at least two separate digital burglaries that affected more than 1 billion of its users' accounts throughout the world.Dan Kaufman: And we watched, and they did what you'd think.You know, they put an address of a massage parlor or something, and then they'd write it down on a yellow stickie, and then they'd try to build in each to each to each. Chris White, who invented Memex, showed us how, in the case of sex trafficking, it can comb through all the sex ads online - over 60 million - and identify 100s of names and numbers that link together and make up an entire trafficking ring.

Cyrus Vance, Jr.: We have 20 open investigations in which we are using the Memex tools and eight open indictments.

And we looked at that, and we said, "There has to be a better way." Especially considering that Google and Bing don't penetrate the dark web, where most illegal goods are advertised and sold. Lesley Stahl: How long did it take Memex to figure this out? DARPA's inventions can take over a decade before they are transplanted from the military into the broader market.

So DARPA invented Memex, with which you can click just one button and all the hidden information scattered deep in the web about an illicit activity is pulled together and revealed. But not in this case - Cyrus Vance, Jr.: We started using Memex about a year ago, in January of 2014.

The man the Department of Defense has put in charge of inventing technology to fight this new Internet war is Dan Kaufman.

He heads the software innovation division of DARPA - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, tasked with maintaining our military technological superiority. We're solving a specific problem for the military, I want to make sure their systems are safe; but I would like everything to be safe.

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